Local area around Claremont Court Care Home

There are many reasons why you may consider making Claremont Court your chosen care home, and the local area surrounding your chosen care home is sure to play a key part in this important decision. Here we have included helpful information about Guildford, the local area, and the towns and villages that surround Claremont Court to showcase the wealth of local attractions and things to do in this area.

Claremont Court Care Home is located in Guildford, Surrey, and welcomes residents from many other surrounding areas including:


Aldershot is a town in North Hampshire across the Surrey/Hampshire border about 10 miles away from Claremont Court Care Home.

The town has strong ties to the military and is known as the home of the British Army. Military influences can be seen even in the daily life of the town, with exhibitions and shows occurring frequently that attract many visitors. One of the town’s landmarks is a statue of the Duke of Wellington forged from recycled bronze cannons from the Battle of Waterloo. If you are interested in history, and residing at Claremont Court Care Home, why not visit the Aldershot Military Museum?

To get to Claremont Court Care Home from Aldershot: Leave Aldershot via the A331 and head through Tongham on the A323. Continue on the A31, following signs to Guildford until you join the A3. Continue to Worplesdon Rd/A322 and take Grange Road onto Harts Gardens, where you will find Claremont Court.


Thanks to the excellent local transport links, Camberley in Surrey is very easily accessible via road to Claremont Court Care Home. The journey takes under half an hour.

Camberley is a lovely location for a day out from Claremont Court. The town’s park, Frimley Lodge Park, has been awarded a Green Flag and has pretty community gardens, access to the canal, and a miniature railway. Within the town itself there are plenty of shops, from well-known names to independent retailers within the Atrium shopping centre and the Camberley Mall.

To drive to Claremont Court from Camberley, take the A331 to Tongham, then join the A31. Leave the A31 onto the A322 and take Grande Road onto Harts Gardens.


Chobham is a small village in Surrey around 8 miles from Claremont Court Care Home, making this home an ideal choice for those looking for dementia care in the Guildford area.

Chobham’s pretty high street has an olde-world charm, from the half-timbered houses and independent shops to the notable St Lawrence Church, which is mainly 14th century with some parts dating back to the 10th century.

The journey to Claremont Court should take around 22 minutes from Chobham. Take the A319 to Chobham Road/ the A322 until you arrive onto Grange Road, where you will be able to turn onto Harts Gardens.


Not to be confused with Chobham, or even with the town of the same name in Kent, Surrey’s village of Cobham is just over 11 miles from Claremont Court, and around a 16-minute drive thanks to the A3.

Cobham is home to the beautiful Painshill, a stunning park and 18th century garden. There are accessible paths around the Serpentine Lake, and a tea room to stop for refreshment.

Follow the A3 out of Cobham and continue for 11 miles, taking the A25 exit onto Stoughton Road and then Harts Gardens.


Cranleigh is a larger village in Surrey, around 11 miles from Claremont Court Care Home. Thanks to the A281, the journey is very straightforward, making the care home a good choice for those looking for day care in the Guildford area.

Cranleigh is self-proclaimed as the largest village in England, and a day out here will most likely be spent browsing the charming independent shops, or even the market, which takes place weekly on a Thursday. There is a strong community spirit in Cranleigh, and a variety of events and festivities take place throughout the year, such as arts festivals, carnivals, and Christmas events.

To get to Claremont Court from Cranleigh, leave the village on the B2128 and take the 1st exit at the roundabout onto the A281 to Guildford. Follow this road until you turn off onto Harts Gardens.


Dorking is a large town in Surrey and is around 30 minutes away from Claremont Court Care Home. The transport links by road and rail make travelling to and from Dorking very easy, and the care home is an ideal choice for respite care in Surrey.

If you are visiting Dorking for the day with a loved one residing at Claremont Court, you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained. If you enjoy wandering around the shops, you’ll love the independent boutiques, jewellers and vintage shops. There is also a weekly traditional market every Friday, this market had been running for 700 years!

To drive to Claremont Court Care Home from Dorking: take the A2003, then take the A25 all the way to Guildford and Harts Gardens.

East Horsley

East Horsley is a little rural village in Surrey, 8 miles from Claremont Court Care Home. Benefiting from accessible transport links, Claremont Court is a suitable choice for a care home near East Horsley. Driving from east Horsley, take the A246 and then the A25 direct to Harts Garden.


Egham is a popular commuter town and university town, and is located to the north of Guildford, around 15 miles from Claremont Court and under 20 miles from London. Egham has close links to the neighbouring village of Englefield Green and both are within easy distance for those searching for specialist dementia care in Guildford.

The memorials, town museum and nearby Runnymede Meadows are all popular spots for those visiting Egham for the day, a large amount of the meadows are managed and maintained by the National Trust.

To get to Claremont Court Care Home from Egham follow Stroude Road and take the B383 all the way onto Harts Garden.


Esher is a pretty green town just 15 miles from Guildford, and Claremont Court Care Home. Esher Common is a large open green space where locals and those visiting for the day spend time walking, horse riding, and birdwatching. Another beautiful green space in Esher is the Claremont Landscape Garden, which is considered one of the finest of its kind.

The transport links from Esher to Guildford are very accessible thanks to the A3, making Claremont Court a suitable choice for dementia care near Esher. Simply follow the A3 out of Esher all the way to the A25 exit, then take Stoughton Road on to Harts Gardens, where you will find Claremont Court.


The little village of Ewhurst in Surrey is just over 8 miles from Guildford and 12 miles from Claremont Court. The village is very small and has just one shop, but is within easy distance of a care home offering exceptional dementia care.

To get to Claremont Court from Ewhurst, leave the village heading North West onto the B2127, then join the A25 until you reach Harts Gardens.


Farnborough is across the Surrey border, in Hampshire. Not to be confused with the towns of the same name in Berkshire and in London.

The town is most famous for its biennial international air show (which takes place on even-numbered years). Hundreds of companies exhibit at this air show, and the show draws thousands of visitors. It’s a fantastic day out for a loved one residing at Claremont Court Care Home

To get to Claremont Court from Farnborough, take the A331 until you can join the A31. Follow the A31 until the A322 exit, and turn onto Grand Road and Harts Gardens.


Fleet is another Hampshire town across the Surrey border. Fleet has some beautiful open spaces, and the Basingstoke Canal runs through the town, which is a popular area for walkers and cyclists along the pathway, and fishing and boating on the water. Fleet Pond is another pretty spot – it is the largest freshwater lake in the county.

Fleet is around 15 miles from Claremont Court, and thanks to the A31, this care home specialising in dementia is in the Fleet area. To drive to Claremont Court from Fleet take the B3013 and then the A3016 on to Guildford Road in Farnham. Then take the A31 to Guildford, exiting for the A322. Continue on the A322 into Worplesdon Road and then Grange Road, which leads onto Harts Gardens.


Frimley lies to the very west of Surrey and is very close to the border with Hampshire. This small town is around 15 miles from Claremont Court, but thanks to easy transport links it can definitely be considered a choice for those looking for dementia care in Surrey.

Like the neighbouring town of Camberley, Frimley has strong military ties. The Cadet Training Centre which was formed at Frimley Park in 1959 is still in operation today.

To get to Claremont Court from Frimley take the A331 onto the A31, and take the A322 exit onto Worplesdon Road. Then take Grande Road onto Harts Gardens.


Haslemere is a small town in Waverley, Surrey. Haslemere is just south of the A3, giving excellent transport links into Guildford and to Claremont Court Care Home. The town also has a railway station with regular trains to London Waterloo.

Haslemere is very popular with walkers. The town marks the end of the Greensand Way, a 110-mile-long footpath between Surrey and Kent. The town also marks the end of the Serpent Trail, which is part of the Sussex Border Path. Walking short stretches of these paths makes for a lovely day out with a loved one if they are residing at a care home near Haslemere, such as Claremont Court.

To drive to Claremont Court from Haslemere takes about 25 minutes. Taking the A3 to Guildford, you should be able to drive directly onto Harts Gardens. Claremont Court Care Home will be on your right.


Horsham is market town in Sussex, across the Surrey border. It is also a commuter town due to its close proximity to London. Horsham is around 23 miles from Claremont Court and the drive takes around fifty minutes.

Horsham Park is a lovely green space used by the community and visitors. There are formal gardens, a maze, a swimming pool, tennis courts and football pitches. Horsham Museum is also a popular visitor attraction. Located in a medieval house, there are many collections and exhibits to see.

To reach Claremont Court from Horsham take the A281 for 22 miles to Guildford Road, and then onto Harts Gardens.


Oxshot is a small village in Elmbridge, Surrey near to Esher. Thanks to excellent transport links from the A3, Claremont Court is an excellent choice for those looking for dementia care in Oxshot. To get to the care home from Oxshot take the A244 onto the A3, following the A3 all the way to Guildford. Exit at Stoughton Road onto Harts Gardens.

Virginia Water

Virginia Water is a commuter town in Surrey’s London urban area. The town takes its name from the Virginia Water Lake, which is in Windsor Great Park. The shores of the lake have featured in some famous films, such as the Harry Potter films, and the lake and surrounding woodlands are a popular attraction for locals and those visiting for the day.

Virginia Water has excellent links to London and the drive to nearby Guildford takes around 28 minutes. The directions can be found here.


Woking in West Surrey is perhaps best known for its local football team, but is also a large town with a lively culture and strong community spirit. The Lightbox has seen some big West End shows and is one of Surrey’s largest venues. Visitors with an interest in history will enjoy a day in Woking at one of the many heritage days held throughout the year. Walking through the beautiful countryside of Woking Borough is also a popular pastime.

To get to Claremont Court from Woking should take just 15 minutes and the journey is under 6 miles. You should be able to take the A320 all the way from Woking to Harts Gardens.


Wokingham is a large town in Berkshire across the border with Surrey. It is close to Bracknell and Reading, and around 19 miles from Guildford and Claremont Court Care Home.

Wokingham is a lovely place to spend the day if you are visiting a loved one residing at Claremont Court. The town has a number of churches and manor houses that make for great day trips.

To get to Claremont Court Care home from Wokingham follow these directions.