Letters Of Thanks

Ursula and family, June 30, 2019

Dear Karen and all at Claremont,

It is with much sadness that I write this. I want to thank you and everyone involved in Christa’s life for the last three years. It is hard to put into words what your support and the care, affection and understanding you all showed Christa meant to me and my family.

From my first visit to Claremont, on my “rounds” of looking at numerous care homes, more than a year before I finally had to accept that I could no longer give Christa the care she need to her last days, you supported me. Through the care your provided, I no longer had to focus on her day-to-day safety and practical needs but had the emotional energy to be able to learn to love, communicate and relate to Christa in a completely new way, as her “normal” capacity to communicate and comprehend appeared lost. It allowed us to have such a pure relationship, lived “in the moment”, without regard to past or future. It was so special.

To all of you, from office to care staff and housekeeping to catering and activities, my heartfelt thanks. Christa loved the way Lucian would speak and joke with her in German, how he played her German folk songs, and how his upbeat approach would have Christa accept whatever was needed. How Diana stroked her, and Marcella put her arm around her, how Kim’s irrepressible cheerfulness would lift her, how Sushil made us many a coffee and brought us cake, how she lit up when Robyn call her “darling” and Emma encouraged her to sing and dance.

These are just small instances of your work, work that goes much deeper and is much more complex. There are too many names to mention, but I think of everyone of you who made such a difference.

In caring for Christa, you also care for me. And always with a smile! If there was a query or a concern, you dealt with it sympathetically and constructively. You are all brilliant, Thank you so much.

I now have to let Christa go and let her rest in peace. It is hard. I will miss Claremont, it is not a frightening or sad place but a positive one where life, however apparently diminished, is lived with purpose. I feel a huge emotional connection with you all, who knew Christa, and send each one of you my very best wished as you continue your amazing work. 

Ursula and family 

Janet, April 14, 2019

Dear Karen

I will miss all the friends I have made over the past 14 months – staff, residents and relatives.

Claremont couldn’t have been a better place for Bob to live.  I think he was happy even though you called it contented.  The Carers and particularly his nominated ones were more than good, they were excellent and couldn’t have done more for Bob (and for me).

Many times you must have been in despair when I was getting more and more unhappy.  But you all worked your charm until I was able to visit happily.

Many thanks and continue your good work.

Love Janet

Janet, April 14, 2019

Dear Dionne

I expect you were responsible for sending the magnificent bouquet of flowers.  I do enjoy flowers and when I look at them I immediately feel brighter.

I think you and the staff at Claremont treated Bob really well and made his difficult life as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Thank you

Thank you so much

Love Janet

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