Letters Of Thanks

The Coles Family , November 29, 2019

Dear Karen and all the staff at Claremont.
Thank you for the flowers that I received on Saturday, they were beautiful.
This is not an easy letter to write following the passing of my husband Michael, but I just wanted to thank all of you that have looked after him and cared for him over the past 2 ½ years.
The care and attention you have given to give has been exception. For this I will be eternally grateful. The hardest decision I had to make about moving Michael into a care home was made so much easier as you always treated him with dignity and respect.
I would like to thank all the staff, frontline and those behind the scenes for all their hard work. For always making me feel welcome and looking out for me.
The success of the home is a credit to you all.
I will miss you all greatly. Beryl
We would also want to thank you for all that you have done for dad whilst he has been in your care. We have some very fond memories, dad going out on a trip to Brooklands, our discussions regarding his handyman skills and watching him blowing kisses to the staff when they walked past him.
We also want to say a massive thank you for going above and beyond looking after mum too as she visited dad every day. It was a great comfort knowing that you were looking out for her too.
You have at all times made all of us feel welcome and your availability to talk to us when we have any concerns has been much appreciated.
Many thanks for everything.
Sue, Julie and Adrian

Judy C Wilson, November 1, 2019

Dear Karen and the team at Claremont Court
It is with great sadness that I’m writing this letter.
I would like to say a huge thank you to all those who supported and looked after my Dad, John. He arrived at Claremont Court 12th December 2016, almost three years ago.
From the outset he was treated with kindness and respect. It felt that this was the best place he could be. There are many names I’d like to mention. The ground floor staff made such a difference to Dad’s daily existence, with their remarkable patience and understanding.
I really appreciated the fact that as well as the excellent care for Dad, I was made to feel welcome and, especially latterly, it was the generosity from the care staff that made my visits less lonely, troubled and sad. Updated from lovely members of the team kept me up to speed, sharing a generous smile and a kind word, they reassured me with their humanity.
I want to add a special thank you to you, Karen, and your colleague for joining us too today as we remembered and celebrated Dad’s life.
The staff at Claremont Court amount to a remarkable team.
I send heartfelt thanks from all the members of John’s family and wish best wished as you continue with your amazing work.
Warmest good wishes,
Judy C Wilson

Kathryn, Carole and Joanne, August 8, 2019

Dear Karen,
As you know, our mother, Eileen Hudson, passed away peacefully at Claremont Court in the early hours of Saturday, August 3rd.
She had lived in your care for over eighteen months, and in that time, she was treated with respect and dignity, but even more importantly, with kindness and consideration.
The carers and the nurses at Claremont are so thoughtful and patient with the residents in their care, and we will be forever grateful to them for their outstanding service to Mum during the last months of her life.
In particular we would like to mention Diana, who nurse Mum on the first floor for the majority of her stay there with such understanding and sensitivity to her medical and emotional requirements and who became a friend to us as well as to Mum in that time.
We would also like to thank all the carers we met: Sushil and Zoltan, who were always so patience and responsive to her needs – and ours! Lucien and Marcella for their sense of humour and understanding, Lou and Robyn for their fond care and ability to make Mum look so good; Melda for her lovely kind manner; Aga and Jenni who were so enthusiastic and capable – the list goes on and we know that there are many others who helped Mum day and night, who we haven’t mentioned but who do a wonderful job too.
We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the staff at Claremont and we will never forget what you and your team did to make Mum comfortable in her life’s final year and a half.
We hope our donation to the staff Christmas party will add extra sparkle to the event and that you will all raise a glass to our lovely Mum – Eileen Joan Hudson. Thank-you

With best wishes,

Kathryn, Carole and Joanne

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