Acts Of Kindness Strengthen Community Links

In this unsettling time of social distancing and lockdown, we have been overwhelmed by the way the local community has reached out with unwavering kindness and generosity.

Our cherished residents here at Claremont Court have received so many letters and gifts from local children and relatives alike during this unsettling time of social distancing and lockdown, to let them know that, even though they are apart, they are not alone. It brought so much joy to us all when we received incredible artwork by the school children who usually visit and read to us.

As well as these artistic gifts, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of donations from local businesses, who have surprised us with everything from fruit bouquets to chocolates for both our carers and residents to enjoy!

We were particularly heartened when our team were gifted a huge box of Body Shop goodies from Selina at Nova Beauty. A lovely surprise that was very much welcomed by our residents who particularly enjoyed this sensory treat! Our friend Kym also baked us a batch of delicious cupcakes so we could celebrate World Cupcake Day in style – as you can imagine, this was a big hit!

It has been these gestures from local friends and companies alike that have truly touched us; the effort the community has gone to, to stay connected and let our residents know they are still a much-loved part of this neighbourhood, has strengthened our bond even tighter than ever.

And we were all overjoyed when our very own central office sent over treats for our carers and resident to enjoy; one day it was an ice cream van, the next it was a surprise order of pizza! Such simple gestures to let us know we are, as ever, in their hearts and minds – they were greatly appreciated and went down a treat!

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