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At Claremont Court Care Home, we are committed to providing high-quality dementia care that is effective and responsive, delivered by an expert team that is well-led and supported in an environment that is safe and secure enabling residents to enjoy a better quality of life.

Food Hygiene ratings

Here is what the Care Quality Commission (CQC) said about our home:

  • People were supported by kind and compassionate staff that knew them well. The provider had systems in place to involve people in decisions and we found an inclusive atmosphere at the home. Staff encouraged people to retain skills and independence and care planning supported this. People’s privacy and dignity was respected by staff when receiving care.
  • People told us that they felt safe living at Claremont Court. One person said, “I feel safe here, everything is so nice and fresh.” Another person said, “I feel very safe, it’s very good indeed. The staff are excellent.” A relative told us, “My relative can be a bit difficult but the care team know how to handle him just right. They treat him like he’s their dad, not just a resident.
  • People and relatives spoke highly of the management at the home. One person said, “The manager will listen to anything that concerns you, take it on board and act on it.” A relative told us, “I think the manager is excellent, she listens and then does her best to get things right for you. I think they do an excellent job.”
  • People told us that they got the support they needed to eat. One person said, “They staff always offer a choice and they help me sometimes by cutting up my food.” Another person said, “I like the food.” People were prepared food in line with their preferences and dietary needs.
  • People’s care plans reflected their strengths and staff encouraged these. For example, one person was able to carry out most personal care tasks independently and this was in their care plan. The person told us staff encouraged them with personal care and enabled them to be independent in this area. Another person liked to make their own bed and daily records showed staff supported the person to do this each morning.
  • Staff knew people well and the provider kept records of people’s backgrounds and life stories which staff were knowledgeable about.
  • People received person-centred, holistic care. People told us that the staff who supported them were caring. One person said, “The staff are lovely, they are all really kind.” A relative told us, “You can see it in the faces of the staff, they care about the people they care for, it’s lovely.”

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